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About us

Deqiang Biology is a national high-tech enterprise that focuses on biotech pesticide manufacturing and serving organic farming industry in China.We primarily engage in the R&D,production and sales of biological pesticides.We produce highly effective,eco-friendly biological pesticides with broad spectrum, no residue and no drug resistance.

We own a number of patents,biological pesticides TC and formulations,and are one of the largest biological pesticide enterprises in China.As the largest manufacturer and supplier for new biological pesticides-- Ningnanmycin,We own the patents of Bacillus Subtilis and Paecilomyces Lilacinus.Our products are widely used for control and prevention of plant diseases. And our biological pesticides are highly promoted by Ministry of Agriculture of China.We are Deqiang Biology Co.,LTD.

We have sale branches in all the provinces in China, as well as Southeast Asia,Europe and America,to provide high-effective, environmental friendly,healthy and safe biological pesticides to more and more people.

The footprint with Deqiang Bio logo will be built into future be larger and larger.We will be marching on,bearing the China dream of bluer sky,greener field and healthier lives!